Our national media monitoring service provides tools for you to understand the always changing advertising and news environment, helping you to make decisions that optimize the media performance of your organization.

We deliver online media resources to your desktop, where you can access advertising and news content, campaign measurement and industry issues so you can better understand competitors' and public perceptions when developing media strategies.

At the core of our service is our independent advertising and media database.  Each day our monitoring system captures the advertising and news content that appears in more than 2000 media sources
around Australia, which we then index and aggregate to deliver ad hoc, subscription and syndicated media monitoring and in-depth media analysis for ad and media agencies, business, government, media, education and research sectors.

Whether you need to find a single advertisement or media segment, gain comprehensive industry insight, verify your
own campaigns, research a brand, issue or source new business, we make it simple.


30th April 2014 - Commercial Monitors extends advertiser reach by linking broadcast to Online and Mobile advertising.
Real-time product enables Australian advertisers to programmatically run geo-targeted laptop, tablet and smartphone ads simultaneously with TV commercials.   [more details]
20th June 2012: Data-Driven Advertising Analytics Tool Released in Australia & NZ
UK media technology company OneSoon has released its advertising analytics product Adalyser to Australian and New Zealand advertisers and media agencies. Adalyser is a cloud based advertising analysis tool that uses statistical models to automatically match media investment to leads and sales.  Graphs, charts and reporting tools let the user visualise the results easily so they can precisely understand their ROI.   OneSoon's partner, Commercial Monitors will be supporting Adalyser clients in Australia and New Zealand. [more details]
25 May 2011: World’s biggest advertising database launches in ANZ with the ‘Reactor’
Leading media monitoring company Commercial Monitors today launched AdRegister, a powerful creative resource for the Australian and New Zealand advertising industry, in strategic partnership with Canadian firm adfinitum and leading market research company Roy Morgan Research.
[more details]

14 Dec 2010: Commercial Monitors launches Australia’s biggest single source for competitive ad monitoring
Leading Australian media monitoring company, Commercial Monitors today announced the release of version 5 of its industry-leading AdReview software platform.  AdReview combines both creative and spot data, independently sourced from over 2000 Australian media, into a single source-competitive media intelligence tool for advertisers, agencies, publishers and broadcasters.
[more details]




We bring you the most comprehensive single source for Australian competitive advertising information - creative, tracking data and the latest news specific to your industry and delivered straight to your desktop.  With a host of new features, AdReview provides email and RSS alerts to new content to keep you abreast.


Roy Morgan Research, Australia’s best known and longest established market research and public opinion survey company.

adfinitum is a global advertising database that delivers online access to 10 million ads with 400,000 brands from over 50 countries. 

Factiva provides the world's best global news content backed with powerful, intelligent search technologies for efficient research and discovery.

RMIT Publishing is the leading provider of online research specialising in content from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.


Founded in 1986, we independently monitor over 2000 Australian media sources for advertising and news content, creating data based marketing and media resources for in depth media analysis.  From this our clients gain an understanding of the always changing marketing and media environment, in order to make decisions that optimize their own return on investment and performance.



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